Empowering individuals and the enterprise with A.I.

We are an early-stage venture fund that invests in game-changing ideas and the entrepreneurs behind them — leaders with ingenuity, grit, and devotion who build companies that last. We help our CEOs and their teams accelerate their path to market and scale their businesses by bringing a deep bench of operators and technologists.


Our fund follows proven rules.

We ignore the hype and focus on the basics — it’s what allows us to consistently deliver investor returns in record time.


the Herd

Everyone has great ideas, but the path from idea to execution is anything but predictable. What makes or breaks a company’s ability to hit the market at the right time with the right solution isn’t the idea du jour, but the intelligence, capacity, drive, and ambition of the team to innovate. We help build real companies and accelerate their path to liquidity.

Focus on

We look for companies that have the potential to grow and scale, solving unmet needs with novel ideas and technologies in growing markets of $10B or more that have not been over-invested. We vet the teams, technologies, and business model to ensure a clear path to market and the capability to stand on their own, and we enable them to become self-funding as early as possible.


Invest in
What we know

We’ve been working for decades with data, devices, and analytics across industries and enterprises—experiences that give us an unfair advantage when it comes to investing in the transformational world of A.I. We have a nose for spotting disruptive ideas and stellar teams who can execute using A.I. to solve real problems, drive real value for the enterprise, and deliver real returns to investors. 


Our team has done this before.

Our bench strength includes veteran entrepreneurs and business builders, heavyweight A.I. technologists, and an enviable deal network. 



General Partner
Team-building, partnerships,
go-to-market strategy and execution support.

Proven Business Builder
Global tech operator/partnership developer who has worked across startups through Fortune 500 companies. Founded Outspark, a VC-backed media publishing platform, acquired by Gamigo in 2013.

Proven Venture Investor
Co-founder of Visionnaire Ventures, raised $90MM AUM.

dion oglesby

Chief Financial Officer

Financial and operational execution support, team-building, partnerships and
go-to-market strategy.

Proven Global Operator
Global financial and operations business leader who has worked across a wide variety of industries from startups through Fortune 500 companies. 

Expertise in innovative ways to consistently solve complex problems and get to consensual solutions.

kathleen seibert

Operations Manager


Jeannine Sargent

Advisor/Operating Partner
CEO coaching/team-building, technology commercialization, strategic partnerships and go-to-market strategy.

Global 500 business leader
Led portfolio of >25 companies focused on underlying technology platforms  for AI, AR/VR, connectivity, IoT, advanced computer/security, and smart sensors.

Expertise in designing disruptive, technology-based business models to address innovation gaps.


Technical Venture Partner

Software architect and developer with extensive technical background and over 20 years of experience in the Internet industry. Previously architect and senior engineer at Yahoo, Digg and AppDynamics.

Expertise in the dynamic languages arena, Open Source leadership, and deep understanding of problems and solutions involved in producing top-notch Web software. 

Extensive experience in working with domestic and international teams, including UK and Asia, both within companies and in the Open Source world.


We invite you to invest with us.